News | Easton Corbin



Easton is set to "take over" the midday show on LA’s Go Country 105 (KKGO) this September!

“We are delighted to work with country star Easton Corbin as he brings exclusive content to our Southern California listeners” KKGO Station Manager Michael Levine states.

"It's an honor that KKGO asked me to do this. I have worked a lot with KKGO in the past and they have always been supportive and I appreciate them for that. This will be a lot of fun!" says Easton.


At the show last night in Buffalo, NY, we were able to help Rose celebrate her 13th birthday. We had a blast! Happy Birthday again, Rose!






Easton Corbin was honored to sing the National Anthem during the Colts vs Jets Monday Night Football game on Sept. 21st. Click here to watch now!